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Going green is a positive north star directing you towards a happier future! Green elicits harmony and growth as it embodies mother nature's generosity. Going green is a big commitment toward improving our planet and ourselves. It's not just environment friendly deeds but a lifestyle change. Be green, think green, and eat green. Small steps to reduce waste, conserve energy, and improve your health are all possible with these simple tips!

Recycle! Now recycling may appear to be the most cliched of choices when first going green but it’s actually the most motivating. Not only will you be rewarded knowing that you’ve made the environment a cleaner place but you’ll be provided a reward as well, trash to cash! Use RecycleSearch to check the nearest drop off location as companies will buy your unwanted waste. Glass bottles and aluminum cans are the most commonly collected materials there are but batteries, electronics, cardboard, and even furniture can be recycled. Impress others with your eco-consciousness and enjoy swimming in the ocean without clutter. You’ll set an example for others to follow.

Update your equipment! Classic cars are cool, but polluting the air is not. Don’t forget to do scheduled maintenance on your motor vehicle as this can reduce fuel consumption along with save money as neglect to your car can be costly. Carpool and keep trips local. Make a date with your sweetheart with an evening stroll or a bike ride rather than be trapped in a car. Be creative and turn an ordinary weekend into an enjoyable eco friendly one.

You can even dress green. Check out our eco friendly favorites at https://groovalution.com/collections/eco-organic-collection

Eat greens! Veggies are yummy. Take the opportunity to electrify your life with small changes to your diet as your health deserves the same energetic benefits you’re providing the earth. According to the July issue of British Journal of Health Psychology, the more fruits and vegetables people consume, the more engaged and happier they are. So take a trip to the Farmer’s Market to purchase fresh ingredients for dinner and experiment with gluten-free products that'll leave your body smiling.

Through mindful actions and organic choices, your best life awaits!

Written By: Candy Mendoza