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    Groovalutionary Blog

    Deconstructing Dreams

    Deconstructing Dreams

    Dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon we experience once sleeping. Essentially, a dream is a series of sensations our minds create through complex imagery. It’s ultimately our subconscious communicating to us. Paying attention to unusual dreams may uncover unspoken events or emotions impacting you.

    Be receptive while exploring your dreams. Remaining open-minded will only bring you closer to understanding yourself. This is because dreams can reveal much about our greatest fears and desires.

    Let’s unpack some common themes.

    If you’ve dreamt of a forgotten figure
    You may be seeking closure. We’ve come to develop important relationships in our lives whether with a friendly mentor, a lover, or close friend. Connections make life worthwhile. We all hope for resolutions but may not always get them. Your dream may be encouraging you to reconnect with someone. Perhaps it’s a message to seek peace for yourself in the event forgiveness will unlikely be granted.

    If you’ve dreamt of the ocean ...
    You may be seeking balance. Water is the source of life and represents ranging emotions like violent waves crashing on the shore to be reduced to fizzing bubbles. Just as the moon’s waxing and waning controls the sea’s currents, our flowing emotions control us as well. True balance is based upon welcoming the counterparts that make us whole. Your dream may be a suggestion to practice patience and align with nature’s cycles.

    If you’ve dreamt of flying ...
    You may be seeking control. The energy of flight is light yet powerful. It’s transformative. Whether it’s a sign to take a vacation or expand your horizons, your dream is awakening you to follow your path! Soar with confidence and dive head first in whatever direction you choose.

    Our emotions are ours to navigate whether or not we are awake. Dreams are a projection of our reality and important clues in discovering ourselves. Start documenting your dreams and unearth the treasures of your subconscious.

    Written By: Candy Mendoza

    Meditation: A Guide to Calm and Focus

    Meditation: A Guide to Calm and Focus

    The demands of everyday life can drain us as our minds are constantly juggling the many matters that are important to us. Overthinking can cause unwanted stress and exhaustion. Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind, return to our center, and force the extraneous to naturally fall from view.


    Let's reap the rewards of mediation as recent findings from JAMA International Medicine reveal a reduction in pain, depression, and anxiety among participants who meditated. Take the first step to improving your wellbeing and mental health today!

    Start small. With meditation, progress occurs over time. Your first session should be short. Renowned yoga instructor, Lauren Eckstrom has a one-minute routine where she stands comfortably in front of a lit candle, breathes in through her nose and out her mouth while gazing at the candle. This is meditation and you can do it anywhere! Just find a space where you’re most comfortable to begin.

    Focus on your breathing as it’ll be your guide. Breath deeply and pay attention. What do you feel? Be present, scan your body. Imagine air lifting your body as you inhale and your body being brought back when you exhale. When your mind drifts to unwashed laundry or that unanswered email, direct all attention back to your breathing. Everything will bring you closer to your center.

    As you gather the confidence to continue meditating, increase your time spent doing so slowly. Do a few guided meditations. There are many teachers with simple techniques that you may incorporate into your very own. The length of time you meditate is unimportant. What matters is that you develop a PRACTICE. One minute is 60 seconds! Every bit counts.

    Don’t become frustrated if you feel your first session is not a success. It’s impossible to do incorrectly. Meditation is a practice that evolves over time and has many benefits! The Los Angeles Times reported a 120% increase of productivity in workers at a Detroit chemical plant. You’ll sure be witness to this advantage as well the moment you begin!

    Written by: Candy Mendoza

    Travel Essentials for The Wanderluster

    Travel Essentials for The Wanderluster

    The desire to explore the world can be an inexplicable urge for some. The promise of new horizons has a magnetic pull whether you’re dreaming of the beauty of a faraway waterfall or just a view from a neighboring mountain top. So if you’ve got the itch, be sure to travel with these essentials!

    Document your journey with spontaneous snapshots of every place you visit. When you’re living in the moment time can fly, but recording your travels can make your adventure last forever! Frame those exquisite sceneries and enjoy them in your home or office. They will serve as wonderful reminders of where you’ve been and where you're off to next! Go digital or take polaroids: all memory making is good.

    Serve some looks with a floppy hat or sunglasses to better protect your skin! Freckles are adorable and tans are in fashion but you’ll still want to protect your skin from the sun with SPF 100. Burnt and peeling skin are no fun, not to mention painful. Remember to reapply as instructed on the bottles label. Purchase products that are organic and cruelty free.

    If you're in need of a companion then music is the perfect choice. Make that four hour road trip into a fun one with karaoke jams! Create a playlist inspired by the new music you come across. Homesick or feeling down? Different songs are just the cure to raise your spirits and bring some peace.

    Scrapbooks are something I treasure and you will too. Every ticket stub, flower or momento helps to memorialize an event. Store tokens and ephenanies to ponder once returning home. Include photos as well! Have fun reminiscing with others, page after page.

    With so many desirable destinations, and so little time, include these valuable items to make your trip a memorable one. Stay safe and have fun!

    Written by: Candy Mendoza

    Overcoming Fear: Inhale Positivity and Exhale Negativity

    Overcoming Fear: Inhale Positivity and Exhale Negativity

    Have you heard it said that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real? Fear is an unpleasant emotion we’ve all experienced, whether it results from encountering a curious critter or participating in a new activity, it’s a seemingly disproportionate reaction that everyone experiences at one point or another. There’s no shame in being frightened, but allowing fear to control your life is a negative outcome. So, let's embark on the challenge of defeating fears and self sabotaging behaviors! Deep breaths, we’ll get through this together.

    First, identify your fear. What scares you and why? No fear is irrational and it should be honored and evaluated. Very often, upon closer inspection, we can discover the roots to a problem and provide a solution for it. Remember, everyone has a weakness and you are not alone. Look forward to the relief of no longer being afraid by addressing the situation. Fear isn't a permanent state but a feeling that in time usually passes. You’ll feel stronger once you’ve overcome it.

    Accept that you are in control. The more power you give your fear, the more powerless you become. Recognize your strengths. Do an inventory of all the challenges you DO conquer in a day. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Project positive energy and remain calm as you review the fearful scenario. What scares you doesn’t mean to. Remember that you are in charge!

    Lastly, be brave and face your fear. Develop the courage to take it straight on. It’s not uncommon to be afraid of the unfamiliar or of what we don't understand. Confrontation may be intimidating but offers the most hope in defeating an illusion that’s prevented you from moving forward. Be bold! It is said that the most daring actions are the most rewarding.

    Life is too short not to take some risks. Be kind to yourself and remember that life isn't as cruel as we perceive it to be. Practice resilience and you will persevere!

    Written by: Candy Mendoza

    Lessons for Soul Searching

    Lessons for Soul Searching

    It’s been said that “life is a roller coaster” and that couldn’t be truer.

    We can count on life being full of ups and downs. We can’t predict our future nor can we change the past. Each chapter promises uncertainties we must face. Every pit stop and road bump communicates a valuable lesson so we must remain steady. The soul searcher is in tune with the greatness of just being, therefore, the key is to go with the ebb and flow. Inherently, we must be willing to learn and evolve.

    Let’s review these soul searcher tips to help us enjoy the ride!

    Change is good. Routines are safe and comforting but they plant us still and can be disabling if we are not flexible. Like John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” The unknown may be frightening but exhilarating. Thus, welcoming change and flux offer a new openness to experience you will never forget. Don’t let fear hold you back as the greatest changes make the best of teachers.

    Pride is the enemy. Relishing in your talents and acknowledging or reveling in short-term results is understandable but sometimes destructive. Stay humble and be grateful. Ask for help and admit to faults. Be proud of your accomplishments but don’t hold on to being defined BY them. The emphasis on PRIDE and posturing can drive others away along with destroy relationships. Remain gracious. Forgive and forget.

    Failure is the stepping stone to success. So often many forget the common roadblocks those we admire have encountered before declaring victory. Rejection is expected and not in anyway an indication of your worth. Own it! Mistakes shape you far more than the achievements you'll make as they provide reflection and room for growth. Who am I after this? How can I improve? Hardships not only build character but resilience in a world that continues to test us. Don’t be defined by defeat as true failure results from never trying.

    Through good times and bad, let’s not forget the valuable lessons that have helped us recognize what's truly important. Embrace change, stay grounded, and always remember, effort will never fail you. Also, roller coasters are lots of fun.

    Written by: Candy Mendoza